Meet The Band

Darren Singer/Keyboard Player/Frontman and all round entertainer.
Darren McNeilThe multi faceted Darren McNeil studied for 19 years at the Collegiate University for Nepotistic Tragedians - where he studied Lyricism and Composition under Stephen Sondheim, Piano under Liberace and Dancing under Norman Wisdom. Upon leaving the university having failed to land any acting work due to not having famous parents he went into animal research as a laboratory monkey where they removed the front part of his brainwhich is the part that helps you remember lyrics. (To cover the scar he now wears a bandana but if you ask him nicely he will show you it).
Adz Sebastian Reason Guitarist/Drunkard/Two vodka's and he's anyone's
10924313_10153131117300695_3567313573543639578_oFrom birth Adz was born with scalp condition that meant he could never grow hair. At the age of 10 he went for experimental surgery and went wrong. He got his locks.....just not the ones he'd hoped for. Some say he's grumpy and needs to cheer up, the truth is, he recently found out that crab sticks are not actually made of crab and since then he has just never been the same. As the drunk and the baby of the band Adz holds no responsibility for his actions however still manages to lip sync the lyrics Daz requires even when he is drunk.......multitalented.
Scottie1002292_684762581539336_512767825_nHaving spent 15 years learning the bass guitar (right handed) he suddenly realised last year he is actually left handed. Selling all his guitars he headed down the path of left handedness. Now at best he hits 4 out of 7 notes but thats ok because as he is the only one who knows how the desk works his job is safe....well....until Elgar the Rhesus monkey we have been training can play something as complicated as chopsticks then he's back to checkout number 7
Allenallen1Not many of Kazoobian have a real claim to fame, however in Allen's case he's the real deal. In 1985 he worked closely with a team of experts and put together the amp rig Marty McFly uses in Back to the future. He will admit himself that it was a bit strong and may have indirectly caused Mr. Fox's issues in later life but he still to day thinks it's the rig Adz needs. An exceptional drummer, a great guy, but most importantly he's the guy that drives when Adz wants a beer and also, he is the only guy we know who can cook kobe beef.